What is HealthFindr?

HealthFindr is a tool that allows you to assist clients to make bookings at pharmacies and healthcare providers in wherever they are.

With HealthFindr, you can make a booking on behalf of a client to make sure that:

  • the client doesn't have to visit multiple pharmacies/providers to find out if they have the specific service that they are looking for, 

  • the pharmacy/healthcare provider is ready for the client when they arrive, 

  • that the client has a good estimation of how long their consultation will take before they get there,

  • The client does not have to wait in line.

What makes HealthFindr different?

HealthFindr is integrated with thousands of Pharmacies and Healthcare providers across South Africa, and because of their integration, has uptodate information on each one of these bookable locations, from the services that they offer to their business hours. HealthFindr aims to make a clients trip to the pharmacy as easy and convenient as possible, and strives to make it as smooth as possible for a Support agent to facilitate this process.

Have any other questions?

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